Castlerock Cattery

(02870) 848 368  or 07811 948 942

Terms & Conditions

  • - All cats must be fully vaccinated against Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Feline 
  •   Calicivirus, Feline Leukaemia Virus & Feline Panleucopaenia.  Proof of inoculation 
  •   within the last 12 months must be produced on the day of arrival.  The proprietor 
  •   reserves the right to refuse admission to any animal that is not fully vaccinated.
  • - All cats must be spayed/neutered for boarding purposes once they are over the 
  •   age of 6 months.
  • - Your pet is fully insured during its stay at Castlerock Cattery.  However, insurance 
  •   does not cover veterinary fees incurred for conditions prevailing prior to boarding.
  • - All pets must be clean & in good condition.  Your account will be charged if it is 
  •   necessary to use worming/flea treatments.
  • - Rates are on a daily basis including the day of arrival and departure.  This is to allow 
  •   for essential disinfecting and preparation of the room.  However there is no charge 
  •   for the day of collection if your pet is collected before 12 noon.
  • - Payment is expected in full on the day of collection.  However in the case of long 
  •   term boarders accounts will be paid monthly and a deposit will be required.
  • - No cat suffering from, or suspected to be suffering from, any infectious or 
  •   contagious disease can be accepted.  All cats will be examined on arrival; therefore 
  •   the proprietor reserves the right to refuse admission to any cat showing any signs 
  •   of ill health, pending the advice from a veterinary surgeon.  Owners will appreciate 
  •   that this is essential, in order to safeguard the health of all the cats boarded.
  • - Should you collect your cat before the due date of departure you will be charged for 
  •   the full period booked.
  • - Whilst every care and precaution is taken during boarding, responsibility can only  
  •   be accepted at the owner’s risk.
  • - If your pet is not collected within two weeks of the scheduled collection date, and if 
  •   no contact can be made with the owner, Castlerock Cattery will presume ownership 
  •   and re-home accordingly.